Interface Descriptions

Applying descriptions to an interface
You can apply a description to an interface to help identify the interface and what it connects to, this is essential in large complex networks as it allows a network administrator to be able to see, at a glance, what the interface is used for.

Applying a description is a fairly simple task, however what may be more difficult is making the description clear and concise enough to help in an event such as that described above.  The type of description should be consistent throughout the organisation to help its usefulness.

The recommended uses for the router interface description command are:

• Identifying the interface

• Noting who to call if the interface is down

• Documenting the circuit information for that connection

• In general, using the description for a “notes” field

To add a description to an interface, use the following command (whilst in interface mode)

Router1(config-if)#Description E1 link to Central Office – Contact Network Admin ext 6789

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